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ConversionSurf-Home of The TripleA Plan FAQs

Q: What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners and Affiliate Marketers can trade traffic. Other members of ConversionSurf-Home of The TripleA Plan will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members.

How Do I Receive Hits? Before you can receive hits you must fully activate your account by surfing 25 sites. In order to do this you must first have at least one approved page in rotation. No Hate, Adult/Porn, Criminal, or other sites deemed inappropriate by Admin. This includes sites with Religious content that in any way suggests other religions
If you have remained a Free Member you are required to Auto Assign at Least 33% of your credits earned surfing to your sites. To do this simply click on the Navigation Menu Button called Auto Assign and type in a number in each appropriate box, making sure they add to 33% or higher.

You are now ready to surf.

Q: When and how do we get paid and what is your minimum?

A: All Members are paid cash to your Payza account once a week, between Friday and Sunday. One Week Hold back may be required in certain cases.

Minimum payout is $10.00

ONLY In cases of hardship or immediate need; will I pay you asap regardl

Due to the nature of the business we have an absolutely NO REFUNDS under any circumstances other then being unable to deliver the services Policy.

*If you dispute a payment for any reason on without first attempting to resolve the matter with us you will immediately be suspended at ConversionSurf-Home of The TripleA Plan & ALL Land Marketing Sites until the dispute is resolved.
We do not have the ability to remove money from your account without permission, and all purchases will exceed what was described. Accusing us of wrong doing without cause and not discussing the matter with us first will be treated as slander and abuse-both reasons for Suspension.


You must be an active Marketer if you wish to be paid cash. Members with only one site that surf excessively will NOT be PAID CASH. If you are here only to chase Prize pages and will not even try and earn and be a supportive member we simply do not want you and will not reward you. You are also disqualified from all contest draws.

If you wish to be paid in Cash you must have 2 sites or more in rotation, only one may be a PTC. You must be promoting one or more proper Affiliate Sites or own Programs you earn from, and which allow opportunity for others to earn from.
You may NOT show 3rd Party sites you have no affiliation with. i.e. or No Porn, no Non English, or any site prohibited by our TOS. No Hate-Including Religion that condemns any other sector.

Since ConversionSurf is NOT a Traffic Exchange but a Training Program, we do not care about surfing numbers and will not reward people who are only surfing and not using the TripleA Plan.

You will only be allowed a Cash payment ONCE (1 time.) This allows a Study and Implementation time. After that you must use your earnings to Upgrade.

These rules are for your own welfare. Downline Builders earn 50 to 1000 times more then penny chasers who stock pile credits.

If you do not meet these terms when your account reaches payout you will be paid in Advertising most suited to your account.
If you earn Sales Commissions from your Downline we will pay that portion in cash.

Please do NOT send payout requests unless special circumstances are in place.

Referral Contests and Bonuses Policy

From time to time a cash Bonus may be offered for the recruitment of Active Legitimate Members*. However, due to the large amount of cheating that occurs whenever such rewards are offered, strict guidelines exist to protect all the legitimate members of ConversionSurf .

The use of any Program to offer cash rewards for others to activate an account at
ConversionSurf is deemed to be cheating.

Only the Incentives offered by ConversionSurf may be advertised.

Members from certain geographical locations, due to a long and large history of cheatings ,are not eligible and will not be counted in contests, nor will rewards be paid on them.

All members living in China, Pakistan, Vietnam and any other location deemed suspect by Admin are not reward for joining, nor are rewards paid for their recruitment.

*Active Legitimate Members are defined as members who have at least 1 legitimate site in rotation, with credits normally assigned to it. The member will also have surfed a minimum of 25 sites in a 24 hour Server Day to be called Active. ( To stay active Free Members must surf 25 every 90 days).

tes, and Internet cafe locations also will make a member ineligible for rewards and may cause their suspension.

May I Upgrade by Surfing?

No Not at ConversionSurf-other then promoting proper programs will bring you income you can use for Upgrading.Also commissions may be traded.




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