Guess I was one of the first to be told about this Triple A methods. I was as green as they come, but sick of Welfare and my kids not having enough. Doug took pity on me I suppose and helped explain it all over and over until it took. Less then 3 years have gone from $8000 a year to $8000 some months. God Bless Triple A and Doug-we named our cat TrafficD
Sally Jones
Brooklyn NY

The TripleA plan started me on the road to success by teaching me how to build downlines in any program I choose. Now I choose to build them in my own very successful downline builder. If you want to know how to get referral and sales notifications on a regular basis, win referral contests or launch your own site, you need the TripleA plan!
Penny Cannon

 Never thought joining TrafficDelivers would mean quitting my job of 17 years and becoming a Internet Guy. Piddled around for 3 years trying this and that, lost money at all-then Doug DARED me to try his methods-would not stop harping that I should "advertise advertising to advertisers". He finally made me angry enough to try it-just so I could shut him up when it failed-like everything else.  The thing is-it never failed, and gets better every month.
Don Ford

ConversionSurf TE and Training Academy with the TripleA Plan is the best & most brilliant thing to ever hit the TE industry; I think everyone should be a student/member there.
I think the word "innovative" best describes CS to me. Literally there is nothing like it in the industry.
Having a course inside a TE is incredible enough, but to rebrand it for upgraded members so they
can build Downlines & earn money at the same time??? That is Brilliant!

Wendy Orestano

The Triple A Plan is for EVERYBODY!
I mean everybody and anybody that wants to make money online that is. Simple, The Plan Works. No Hype, No misleading far fetched scenarios, it simply is the best advice out there for Newbie's or experienced marketers.
If you want to earn online, you will get it, read it, and follow it. It's that simple
Marty Petrizza

It has taken me a number of failures to get here.
I know your system works. It is up to me to follow it.
I'm a fan of the movie 'The Matrix'. One of the quotes I remember from
the movie is "I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show
you the door.
You're the one that has to walk through it".
Thanks for showing me the door.
Curtis Thomas

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